Environmental Consultancy

CHC Environmental Solutions

CHC Environmental Solutions was founded by Dr. Olivia Hall in 2013 to provide independent professional consultancy services specialising in the areas of Contaminated Land, Risk Assessment, Remediation, Environmental Liability, Insurance, Environmental Forensics, Environmental Monitoring and Compliance, Hydrogeology and Environmental Impact Assessment.

Olivia graduated with a M.Sc in Environmental Engineering in 2000 specialising in contaminated land and hydrogeology and went on to pursue her research career in the completion of a PhD in 2003. The core focus of this research work was the development of forensic environmental monitoring tools for the assessment of the fate and transport of chlorinated solvent compounds in groundwater. This work was completed on a number of sites throughout Ireland, the UK and the EU.

She went on to spend a number of years in consultancy gaining relevant skills in contaminated land assessment and management, environmental monitoring, hydrogeological and hydrological assessment and EIA. During this time she specialised in human health and controlled waters risk assessment.

Olivia joined Regenesis as Technical Manager in 2006 and spend the next 7 years involved in the design and support of over 1,800 soil and groundwater clean up projects globally. These included remediation strategies targeting total petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, pesticides, MtBE etc. in residential, industrial and rural settings and in formations ranging from alluvium to low-permeability matrices, dual-porosity aquifers and fractured rock systems.

Offering strong technical and service support, CHC Environmental Solutions core objective is to understand the needs of our clients allowing us to deliver cost effective, practical solutions.


Business Website Address: www.crowley-hall.com

Business Phone Number: 053-9389876

Business Contact Email: olivia@crowley-hall.com