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Gas Networks Ireland

Gas Networks Ireland is part of Ervia, a commercial semi-state company responsible for gas and water infrastructure and services and the delivery of wholesale broadband solutions in Ireland.

Gas Networks Ireland builds, develops and operates Ireland’s world-class gas infrastructure.  The company is responsible for connecting all new gas customers to the network, and for work on service pipes and meters at customers’ premises, on behalf of all gas suppliers in Ireland. Natural gas is available in over 160 population centres in 20 counties and there are almost 674,000 users in Ireland.  Safety and a strong customer focus are at the heart of how our business operates.  In Ireland, Gas Networks Ireland runs the natural gas transmission system, linked to the UK and Europe through two interconnector pipelines with Scotland, providing access to its 13,832km network of pipeline.

A €25m plan to bring gas to Wexford town and in parallel, deliver enhanced water services, begins in autumn 2016.  The Wexford Town Gas and Water Project will be delivered jointly by Gas Networks Ireland and Irish Water on behalf of Ervia, an approach which allows for gas and water infrastructure works to be completed together, thereby reducing costs and minimising disruption to local businesses and residents.   This phase is the next stage of the Gas to Wexford project, which to date has seen a 40km Feeder Main gas pipeline constructed from Campile, Great Island to Wexford town and connections supplied to a number of contracted large customers.

The investment in this project by Gas Networks Ireland and Irish Water will provide a major boost to the Wexford economy that will be enduring.  From this point, businesses, farms and homes can begin the switch to Natural Gas, benefiting from savings in energy costs of up to 60%.  From business and industry to farm and residential, natural gas can be used for a wide range of applications, from heating and hot water, to catering and cooking, to air-conditioning and electricity generation (combined heat and power). Natural Gas offers significant advantages over other fuel sources in terms of both cost and environmental impact. Its flexibility is particularly popular with industrial users.

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