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Graphedia ~ we make you superlative

Graphedia is a fresh full-service digital agency ~ our job is to make you look awesome. Our people are creative, innovative, technical and passionate about everything digital. We design & make stuff that lets you talk to consumers who are interested in your business. We are an Irish Design Company based in Wexford & Naas Kildare delivering cutting edge design, we pride ourselves in creating intriguing design whilst representing the views and aspirations of our clients.

Graphedia has been supplying digital design services all over Ireland for the past 17 years. Graphedia has over 900 clients to date using its services. Businesses ranging from small start-ups to large and multinational companies.

Graphedia specialise in the following

  • Bespoke Logo / Branding Design
  • Professional Graphic Design Services
  • Website Design / Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Management Systems
  • Ecommerce Website
  • Mobile Websites
  • APP Development for Apple & Android
  • Digital Animation
  • Video Production
  • Social Media
  • Website Hosting & Domain Name Registration
  • Cloud Email & Spam Services

We really love what we do. We’ve grown up digital and digital has grown up with us. Digital no longer just means web, mobile or social. It means interfaces, countless screen types, and real human interaction. If you have a screen then we will design, develop, and create the experience that you, your users and your business need. We put a lot of work into making this look easy and we would love to meet you.

We create a unique process for each client to ensure that business objectives are met, success is achieved and users are happy. It requires a keen intuition to architect a lean process, and that is something we proudly embrace.


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Business Description

Sonru is a global leader in the field of video interviewing and selection. Sonru is headquartered in Co. Wexford, Ireland, and has regional offices in the UK, France, Singapore and Australia as well as representation in Malaysia, New Zealand, Dubai, South Africa and the USA. The name Sonru stems from the Irish phrase “Bí le sonrú” which means to “stand out” and their video selection tool enables candidates to do that through live or recorded video interviews.

Product & Services

Video interviewing is a modern and innovative recruitment tool that helps make early stage selection easier for recruiters and their candidates. Replicating a face-to-face interview, video interviewing removes the everyday pains associated with preliminary interviews. Forget about scheduling interviews, time zone restrictions, no shows and unsuitable candidates. Meet the best candidates earlier in the process, see their fit, personality, drive and motivation, all while saving your recruiters time and money.

Not only does video interviewing make your recruitment process faster and more effective, but also helps build on your employer brand. Enhanced branding coupled with a tech-focused recruitment strategy ensures your position as an employer of choice.

For your candidates, video interviewing equals a more candidate-focused approach to recruitment. Candidates can complete at a time that suits, in a location where they feel most comfortable. All you have to do is create the interview, set the deadline choose your candidates, and press send.  The Sonru application requires no download onto your desktop and is accessible on over 3000 mobile devices (Android & iOS).


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Business Phone Number: 053-9272000

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